Students complete a survey to assess their experience in the following ways: if their experiential learning activity was high impact, as it is defined by the Association of American Colleges and Universities; and to identify the areas of personal and professional growth in skills to make them more marketable in today's workforce. 

Student Learning Outcomes:  

1. Students will demonstrate developmental growth in understanding the correlation between classroom learning and real world experience

2. Students will develop and acquire marketable skills for post-graduation employment


Direct Assessment is done through academic capstone and similar courses. 

Indirect Assessment is done in the following ways:

-Placement evaluations administrated by their professors

-Post event surveys designed by the Institutional Effectiveness and experiential learning offices

-Reflective journals, papers, final presentations for classes

-Symposiums and campus wide presentations


Assessment Committee: 

Sam Shi, Director of Strategic Analysis & Reporting

Brody Du, Institutional Reporting Analyst