Assessment Plan

  Professional Development

Faculty and Staff Professional Development are essential for the success of the CRED program. The CRED program will include many opportunities to learn about CRED, and how it can be implemented at UNT Dallas. Below is a description of development opportunities that will be offered at our campus.

Workshops for Faculty and Staff

During the development and implementation of the CRED program, a number of workshops will be offered to familiarize faculty and staff with CRED. These workshops will encourage participants to implement CRED concepts in their classes and departments. These workshops will also inform faculty and staff about awards associated with the CRED program and allow time for private sessions as needed.  They also serve to foster collaboration and dialogue among faculty and staff.  The following workshops will be offered:

  • CRED Introduction Workshop (i.e., mission, vision, goals, learning objectives, activities, assessment plan)
  • Effective Use of Career Assessment Tools
  • Effective Use of Rubrics
  • Facilitating Student Feedback

CRED Program Orientation

The office of the CRED program will offer orientation sessions to faculty, staff and students to explain the importance of the CRED program to the UNT Dallas community.  CRED program personnel will facilitate these sessions during new faculty orientation, student orientation and new staff orientation. These sessions are essential to introducing and integrate new members of the UNT Dallas community to the CRED program.