Assessment Toolbox for Educational Programs (SACSCOC 8.2.A)

UNTD-Specific Forms

Student Learning Outcomes

How to decide measures (tasks, assignments, and assessments) to match the SLO (see video)

How to decide targets for the assessment

  • Consider starting at 80% and then, based on the data, move up to 90% or down to 70%. There is no magic answer to setting targets, but you can ask yourself these questions when setting targets or read this chapter to learn more about it.

Mapping the Curriculum

How to decide how you want to teach the SLO

Closing the Loop

Reporting on findings: Chapter read for ideas

Deciding the action to take based on the data

  • The most common changes are:

  1. Changes to curriculum, requirements, programmatic structures, or other aspects of the student's course of study

  2. Changes to policies, funding, and planning that support learning

  3. Increased faculty development

  4. Changes to the measures (changes 1-3 are ideal)

Reliability and Validity

Managing all this

  • This resource goes over how to decide who will do what in the department regarding assessment.

  • This is a table for assessment coordinators to keep themselves organized throughout the year. To get it in WORD, email Elizabeth.

  • What to archive

Involving employers in this whole process:

Good idea! Here are some examples of how.

Involving faculty adjuncts in this whole process:

This is important! Consider these ideas or these ideas.


  • How to assess liberal arts outcomes

    • Consider using the VALUE Rubrics by AAC&U. They cover civic engagement, creative thinking, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, global learning, information literacy, inquiry & analysis, integrative learning, intercultural knowledge & competence, lifelong learning skills, oral communication, problem solving, qualitative literacy, reading, teamwork, and written communication. Find them all in PDF here and email Elizabeth if you'd like them in WORD instead.

  • How to write test questions (source and source)

  • How to create rubrics

  • I love assessment! Where can I learn more? Elizabeth has these books to check out in her office or see a list of other resources here.

Presentations done by Elizabeth for Faculty

  • Presentation on how to fill out Assessment Plan Form for Educational Programs (Video, PPT) - September 26, 2018

  • Presentation on Back to the Basics of Assessment for Academic Programs  (Video, PPT, Terminology) - February 1, 2019

  • Presentation on how to create Analytic Rubrics (Video, PPT, Handout) - April 26, 2019

Assessment Toolbox for Administrative Effectiveness (SACSCOC 7.3)

UNTD-Specific Forms

  • Assessment plan and results template for administrative units

  • Meta-assessment rubric

Other Resources

  • Coming soon!

Assessment Toolbox for Student Service Units (SACSCOC 8.2.C)

UNTD-Specific Forms

  • Assessment plan and results template for student service units

  • Meta-assessment rubric

Other Resources

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