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What is HB2504?

Texas House Bill 2504 requires all public universities to make all course syllabi available online for a period that extends up to the second anniversary the class was taught. For example, the syllabus for a class taught in Fall 2011 needs to be available online until Fall 2013 at which time it may be removed. Faculty CVs must also be available in the same fashion. Due to limited staffing, all faculty members—full time and adjuncts—are asked to assist the university's compliance efforts by uploading and managing these documents individually using the faculty webpages provided on the UNT Dallas website.

Faculty Resources

Templates for face to face syllabi and online courses are available here.

Course syllabi must be posted within seven days of the first day of class.
According to the HB 2504, all syllabi must include the following information:

  • major course requirements including assignment and examinations
  • required and recommended reading
  • general description of the subject matter of each lecture or discussion

This information should be available for a period that extends up to the second anniversary the class was taught.


The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that U.S. programs and services be accessible to students with disabilities. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 says that electronic documents (like course syllabi posted on the web) should be web accessible.

Accessibility at UNT Dallas

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Syllabi and CV File Requirements

For file format, file naming conventions, and an informational video on how to upload syllabi and CVs, click here