QEP Program Development and Team

Program Development

The QEP at UNT Dallas developed from a comprehensive, methodical, and logical planning process conducted over an 18-month period. The plan resulted from the input and efforts of faculty, staff, administrators, and students, and local employers representing a broad range of university stakeholders. The selection of the QEP topic was the first component of the plan.

As described below, UNT Dallas employed an extensive, deliberate, and inclusive process to select a topic that advanced student success and was consistent with the university’s mission and strategic plan. Selection of the QEP Topic developed over five stages. 

The sections below describe the phases taken to develop the QEP.  The phases are:

  • Phase I: Initial Planning and Topic Identification
  • Phase II: Linkage with the UNT Dallas Strategic Plan
  • Phase III: Refinement of the Proposed QEP Topic
  • Phase IV: Approving the Plan
  • Phase V: Developing a Foundation for Implementation

QEP Task Force

Participation by representatives from a broad base of University of North Texas at Dallas stakeholders was essential in developing the QEP.  

QEP Teams

  • Overall Planning
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment Planning
  • Implementation
  • Budget Development
  • Technology Support
  • Marketing
  • Writing

Quality Enhancement Planning Task Force

The Quality Enhancement Planning Task Force is comprised of representatives from a variety of constituent groups


Dr. Elizabeth MunizAssistant Professor, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, School of Business



Ms. April BarnesBudget and Planning Associate Vice President 

Ms. Alicia BrossetteExecutive Director, Research & Development of Advancement

Mr. Arturo Cole-EscutiaOnline Marketing and Development Director  

Mr. Paul CorlissMarketing & Communications Interim Associate Vice President

Ms. Jessica GilmoreSenior Academic Counselor

Mr. Herbert HayesVeteran Success Center Coordinator

Ms. Ashley JohnsonPR/Communications Director

Ms. Cynthia JohnsonInstructional Design Coordinator

Ms. Eronia A. King Project Coordinator of Experiential Learning

Mr. Arthur LumzyCareer Services Director

Mr. Anthony MinterMarketing Communications Associate Director  

Ms. Brenda RobertsonHead Librarian

Mr. Kevin RochaIT Support Manager

Mr. Sam ShiStrategic Analysis and Reporting Director

Ms. Jennifer SkinnerAssistant Dean of Students for Student Engagement

Ms. Cynthia SuarezDisability Services Assistant Director

Mr. Rian WilhiteAcademic Advising Director

Mr. Richard ZellerDirector of Media


Ms. Jennifer ContrerasOB/HR Major, Presidential Jaguar Scholar

Ms. Yvonne Jimenez, Bilingual Education/ESL Major

Mr. Erik SolisBusiness Major, Student Government President


School of Education

Dr. Uvaldina Montoya JanecekAssistant Professor Bilingual Education

Dr. Glenda Moss, Professor of Teacher Education

School of Human Services

Dr. Sheila LumarLecturer, Substance Abuse

Dr. Joy PattonAssistant Professor of Human Services

School of Business

Dr. Isaura FloresAssociate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Danielle ZanzalariAssistant Professor of Economics

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Christopher DickmanAssistant Professor of English, Language and Communications Department

Dr. Priya EimerbrinkLecturer, Psychology, Sociology and Psychology

Dr. Gretchen HackardSenior Lecturer, Criminal Justice Department

Dr. Noureen KhanAssociate Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics and Information Sciences Department

Dr. Mark StanleyHistory and Political Science Department

Dr. Janiece UpshawAssistant Professor, Public Leadership Department

Dr. Kelly VargaLecturer Biology, Life and Health Sciences Department


Student Learning Outcomes Team

Glenda Moss (lead), Dr. Uvaldina (Dini) Janecek, Dr. Sheila Lumar, Dr. Christopher Dickman, Dr. Noureen Khan, Dr. Mark Stanley, and Dr. Priya Eimerbrink, Mr. Arthur Lumzy, Ms. Sara Davenport. Dr. Joy Patton, Dr. Gretchen Hackard, Dr. Kelly Varga, Dr. Janiece Upshaw, Ms. Jennifer Skinner, Ms. Cynthia Suarez, Ms. Jay Hayes, Ms. Jennifer Contreras, Mr. Rian Wilhite, Ms. Jessica Gilmore

Assessment Planning Team

Dr. Priya Eimerbrink (lead), Dr. Uvaldina (Dini) Janecek, Dr. Noureen Khan, Dr. Kelli Varga, Mr. Arthur Lumzy, Ms. Sarah Davenport, Ms. Jennifer Contreras, Ms. Yvonne Jimenez, Mr. Sam Shi

Implementation Team

Dr. Christopher Dickman (lead), Mr. Kevin Rocha, Dr. Kelly Varga, Ms. Alicia Brossette, Dr. Uvaldina (Dini) Janecek, Dr. Mark Stanley, Dr. Janiece Upshaw, Mr. Arthur Lumzy, Ms. Sarah Davenport, Arturo Cole-Escutia, Ms. Cynthia Johnson, Dr. Isaura Flores

Budget Development

Ms. Alicia Brossette (lead), Ms. April Barnes

Technology Support

Mr. Kevin Rocha (lead), Mr. Arturo Cole-Escutia


Mr. Paul Corliss (lead), Ms. Ashley Johnson, Ms. Jennifer Skinner, Ms. Jennifer Contreras. Mr. Anthony Miller, Mr. Richard Zeller

Focus Group Facilitators

Dr. Kelly Varga (lead), Ms. Alicia Brossette, Ms. Jennifer Contreras

Writing Team

Dr. Danielle Zanzalari (lead), Dr. Christopher Dickman, Ms. Brenda Robertson, Ms. Alicia Brossette, Dr. Priya Eimerbrink