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The University of North Texas at Dallas is seeking reaffirmation of accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). This process is underway. Part of the process includes a report on how UNT Dallas currently complies with SACSCOC compliance standards, a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) also proposes the enhancement of educational quality at UNTD. Our focus is CRED – Career Readiness EDucation.

The vision of the CRED program is to create a culture of life-long learning at UNT Dallas. The three goals that support this vision will be the foundation to integrate existing programs and resources to help build a culture where UNT Dallas students are self-motivated to pursue knowledge for professional success.

The three goals are:

  1. Students assess career options
  2. Students test career expectations through direct exposure to workplace cultures, and
  3. Students evaluate strategies to maintain job-related effectiveness.

As we pursue these three goals, the CRED program will allow for a better alignment with curriculum and activities on campus, create a more enriching learning experience for students, while fostering cooperation among academic and student services offices. Analyzing the results of meaningful data and sharing them with multiple stakeholders will help us be a more effective higher education institution.

Contact Us

To contact the Quality Enhancement Planning Chair, please direct emails to sacscoc_qep@untdallas.edu

Strategic Plan Alignment

Institutional effectiveness at UNT Dallas is centered in the University’s strategic plan. Initiated by UNT Dallas’s President when he took office in July 2015, the strategic plan serves as a blueprint for where the University wants to go in the future.

The UNT Dallas strategic plan is organized by four broad themes: Learning and Discovery; Sustainable Growth, Finances, and Resources; Quality Experiences for Lifetime Success; and People and Teamwork. Under each theme there are a number of Key Objectives and Initiatives. For Quality Experiences for Lifetime Success, for example, a Key Objective is "Active Learning: every student graduates with one or more of these experiential learning credentials: a paid internship; a demanding research effort; a scholarly work-related project; or, extensive service learning participation." The corresponding Initiative for this Key Objective is "Enhance and expand Experiential Learning Experiences."

  • Strategic Goal “Quality Experiences for Lifetime Success”

Key Objectives

  • every student graduating with experiential credentials in a paid internship; a demanding research effort; a scholarly work-related project; or extensive service learning participation by 8/31/21 (UNT Dallas Strategic Plan, 2017).
  • developing expertise in serving under-resourced college students (UNT Dallas Strategic Plan, 2017).