Supporting Offices

Many UNT Dallas administrative offices and programs will collaborate with the Career Readiness Education (CRED) program. They currently offer meaningful services that enhance the student experience at UNT Dallas. CRED will allow them to reach out to a larger number of students and expand their services. These offices and programs are described below.

Office of Experiential Learning focuses on empowering students to be professionally successful through access to profitable networks, professional development skills, and meaningful community connections for post-graduation marketability. This office provides students with the opportunity to: (a) apply their educational competencies through experiential learning in the community; (b) deepen their understanding of course content and develop critical thinking through direct research or service based activities; and (c) access resources to enhance their professional development and skill set to become more marketable.

This office will play an important role in supporting the QEP because it will provide assistance in identifying experiential learning opportunities, appropriate trainings and informational resources, and capturing and recording the process. It will also share with the office of the QEP informational materials and best practices for experiential learning.

Career Services Office focuses advising students on career-related topics such as major and career exploration as well as job search strategies. The Director of Career Services Office facilitates engagement between employers and students by hosting career focused programs, workshops, networking events, career fairs, job and internship posting, and on-campus recruiting. Given the expected increase of student visits and activities sponsored by to the Career Services Office, we will hire two additional Career Counselor by August 2018. 

This office will be an important resource of the QEP in working with faculty liaisons and increasing opportunities for students in their field of interest. The Career Services Office will offer career assessment tools to students and provide results of testing to students and faculty liaisons. It also offers job boards (e.g., College Central Network, LinkedIn Job Search, ZipRecruiter), career advising resources (e.g., ONet, Occupational Outlook Handbook, What Can I Do With This Major, Roadtip Nation), career assessments (e.g., MyPlan, ONet Interest Profiler), career resources (e.g., Glassdoor, CareerBliss), E-Portfolios (e.g., Optimal Resume) and Graduate School Planning (e.g.,,

Re-imagining the First Year of College Program by the Association of American State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) focuses on increasing student success by re-thinking programs, policies and practices that affect first year students. Courses from this program will be used to support CRED with career counseling and exploration activities.

UNT Dallas Library provides career related resources for students, faculty and staff that will help foster a culture of lifelong learning. The library will support CRED by offering guidance and support for students’ research activities

Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Office supports faculty and assists students with online learning opportunities through distance learning, as well as a wide array of instructional technologies that empower the design and development of learning environments and contribute to student success. Staff from this office will offer functional technology support for our CRED program.  They are central to the development and application of rubrics with feedback components that will be available to participants of the CRED program.

Strategic Analysis and Reporting Office submits and certifies institutional data to federal, state and legislature officials and other external agencies. This office conducts statistical analysis to provide the university community with extensive and reliable information to help faculty, staff, and the university administration make informed decisions. This office will provide the CRED program with indirect assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of several student learning outcomes.

Disability Services Office seeks to empower students to manage challenges and limitations imposed by disabilities. This office puts in place accommodations which are deemed appropriate in adherence with Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act and the American with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAA), act as a consultant and educate the UNT Dallas community.  This office is consulted to ensure that all CRED activities are accessible for everyone. 

Veteran’s Success Center provides helps student veterans become involved in student activities and clubs, access campus resources, access community resources, and ultimately transition into the civilian workforce. This office is consulted to ensure that CRED meets the needs of our student veterans.

  • Office of Experiential Learning
  • Career Services
  • Re-imagining the First Year College Program
  • UNT Dallas Library
  • Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Office
  • Strategic Analysis and Reporting Office
  • Disability Services Office
  • Veteran’s Success Center